The art of shoe making with Nicolas Luciani !!

Quality leather hand-made shoes and boots for your everyday style and trend. The leather finish and tan shades made the boots look more classy and elegant. Every pattern and model that you can imagine in your head are present.


Good shoes take you to good places.

"For me a good pair of shoes is always a good start and leaves a positive impression. So when I got the chance to witness the art of shoe making from Nicolas Luciani, I instantly nodded in agreement and said a yes. Nicolas is a dynamic and visionary entrepreneur who launched Nicolas Lucian Footwear in 2013. "


One of a Kind, Uniqueness.

"I was amazed with the finesse and the world class craftsmanship. Each and every pair of shoe was an example of their intricate work with attention to the minutest of the details. The perfect stitch, the polish, the leather, the sole, the touch, the look and the feel were clearly a sign of a unique shoe engineering."


Director: Tobia Sempi AIC
Editor: Federico Conforti
Colorist: Tyler Roth
Composer: Josh Moshier
Sound Designer: Ian Scott
Post Producer: Joel Signer
Titles: Mo Stoebe

Thanks: Company 3, Chicago Recordings, Jeffrey DeChausse
La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 2017 official selection
Rhode Island International Film Festival 2017 official selection

Footwear Design

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Nicolas Luciani has been deconstructing and reconstructing vintage athletic shoes and old American work boots using classic and modern methods. Extreme attention is applied to craftsmanship and the choice of materials and colors. Each pair is a one of a kind and no two pairs are created equally. The result is practical wearable sculptures.

"I am resurrecting these pieces full off history into new steps and paths. They are walking storytellers, melding current timelines into a new life where new stories can be shared."

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